Karimunjawa Island

Karimunjawa,a culter of island,is administratively a sub district of Jepara Regency.It consists of 27 islands scattered along the java Sea with the sea 69 metres in depth.The average temperature 26-300°C.The total territory area is 107,225 ha which consists of 100.105 ha of land and 7.120 ha of water.Some islands are formed by coral reefs and covered with sand layers.The coast is mostly overgrown with mangrove and other marine plants.Five out of the 27 islands are inhabited,they are Karimunjawa,Kemujan,Parang,Nyamuk dan Genting.Due to its unique marine life,the islands are conserved and declared as The national Marine Park from Central Java

The best time to visit the islands is from April through October.However,you can also visit from November through March which is during a rainy season so visitors may have to experience stronger winds and bigger waves.

The karimunjawa islands are accessible by air from Semarang,there is a regular flight which served by deraya Air taxi from Ahmad Yani Internatinal Airport-Semarang to karimunja Island and takes about 30 minutes.If you prefer on going by boat,you need to go by bus first to Jepara Town either fro Semarang or Demak or Kudus.
Jepara is about 70 km away from Semarang.There are regular voyages which connect jepara and Karimunjawa island ivce versa.


This activities can be done at Karimunjawa Island, Kernujan Island and Karang Island which most of them covered by any type mangrove.

Sun Bathing
Visitor can enjoy the sun bathing at westside of Menjangan Besar Island and the northwest of Pulau Cemara Kecil Island.

Camping area are Kemujan Island and next of Parang Island
Bird Watching
There are 33 species of bird land and coastal, while in the year of 1991 found 52 species of bird land in Karimunjawa Archipelago.
There are two island to enjoy bird watching acitvity, Kemujan island with has 12 species such as adatah trucukan, kacamata gunung, raja udang, prenjakserta kareo and others is karimunjawa island whis has 34 species such as trocokan, raja udang, kacamata gunung, pergam kelenjar and cinenen kelabu

Cave Attraction
Available at Sarang Cave of Parang Island
Those who are interested in swimming can visit the northside Island of Karimunjawa, Menjangan Besar dan Menjangan Kecil,around Kemujan Island, Parang Island, Kembar Island and Kembang Island

Just visit The island of Menjagan Besar dan Kecil,the westside Bengkoang Island , around Kembar Island and teh northside and East of Island Krakal.

Visitors who are interested in diving can visit North And West Karimunjawa Island, the east side of Menjangan Besar island, the south side of Menjangan Kecil Island, the south and west of Geliang Island, and the side of Bengkoang Island,Parang Island, east side of kembar island,around Katang Island,the north and east side of Krakal island,The west dan north side of Kumbang Island and around Karang Besi.

There are a lot of fish species at the certain island which a great deal for fishing activity such as Menjangan Besar dan Menjangan Kecil Island, around Menyawakan Island , Genting Island, Seruni Island ,Pulau Kemujan Island , Tengah Island , the west sid of Bengkoang Island, around Parang Island, Kembar Island, Kumbang Island and around Legom Lele

Traditional acttraction :
The marriage of the Bugis Ethnic Group that was begun with the agenda of Mapuce-puce, masuro, maddupa, Mappaenre balanja and the Anggaukeng Party

Ceremony of the Roll-Out of Boat is a event of thanks which was finished the production of the boat.
Sunan Nyamplung Grave
Sunan Nyamplung is a former leader of Karimunjawa islands,.a historical place where the first Dutch Ship landed.To visit here,visitors can rent a motor boat from the local fisherman

Wali Well
AS one of holly well at Parang Island.Local people believed if discover water in the well and able to bring it out then the fortune will comes.

The Traditional House
As results of the human culture considered to be tourist attraction,
The diversity of the ethnic group that lived in the Karimunjawa Island was assets for the cultural tourist attraction The Bugis house of the ethnic group's tradition could be seen in the Batu Lawang Hamlet, Dukuh Legon Gede and Dukuh Tlogo (the Kernujan Island).
For the Buton ethnic group could be seen in the Island of mosquitoes.
The Madura ethnic group resided in the Dukuh Telaga (Kemujan Island) and Dukuh Karimun (Karimunjawa Island)

Coconut tree is easier to find at tmost of island here such Menjangan Kecil island,Menjangan Besar island,Bengkoang island,menyawakan Island and Kembar island.
Typical plant of Karimunjawa Island are kalimaada, dewandaru dan setigi
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